Vernasca Silver Flag
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16th-17th-18th June 2017 - Vernasca (Piacenza) - Italy

Vernasca Silver Flag 2017 Passione and Desire

22° Vernasca Silver Flag

16-17-18 giugno 2017 

Buongiorno Freunde,

Dass es mit Freude, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass 22 ° Vernasca Silber Flag 16 bis 18. Juni 2016 zu platzieren

In den kommenden Tagen werden wir das Thema kommunizieren und ihnen der Eintrag zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Wir sehen uns in unserer Paddock



Buongiorno Friends,

it is with pleasure that to inform you that 22° Vernasca Silver Flag is place to 16 to 18 june 2016

Save the date

In the coming days we will communicate the theme and make them available the entry.

See you at our paddock


Amis Buongiorno,


il est avec plaisir que nous vous informons que le 22 ° Vernasca Silver Flag est un lieu du 16 au 18 Juin 2017.

Notez dans votre agenda la date

Dans les prochains jours, nous allons communiquer le thème et les rendre disponibles sur le site dans le formulaire d'inscription.

Rendez-vous dans notre paddock

21 ° Vernasca Silver Flag,

It begins again! Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli Historical await the 17, 18 and 19 June 2016 for the 21st Vernasca Silver Flag, with your race car, with all your passion and our enthusiasm. The theme of the next edition will be "Alfa Romeo race cars"

The first event, for those wishing to participate, is the impromptu painting of Saturday, January 30 in Piacenza Piazza Cavalli from 11 to 15 where the students of the Art School Cassinari will go to create the logo that will accompany us throughout the year

Entry Form 2015

Hello, herewith entry form about 20° Vernasca Silver Flag from 19th to 21st june 2015, and the programm, see you at our paddock.

Piacenza Historic Auto Club and the Vernasca Silver Flag Organizing Committee is pleased to remind you that the 20th edition of Vernasca Silver Flag will be run on June 19-20-21 2015. Save the date in your Agenda!!!!

Welcome to the 19th Vernasca Silver Flag

We have pleasure in inform that the 19th edition of Vernasca Silver Flag will be held on June 20-21-22 next year.

The Organizing Committee decided to dedicate the edition of a make famous for elegance, class and racing history of its cars: Lancia

Founded in Turin in 1906 by Mr. Vincenzo, Lancia is one of the oldest, famous and prestigious Italian cars manufacturers and has stood for high-tech creations and for the class of its cars.

The sporting history of the Lancia is glorious and starts immediately, form the earliest days of production of the cars, to reach a maximum in the 50's with the legendary D25, D25 and D50 that participated in the World Championship Makes and F1 with great drivers such as Ascari, Fangio, Castellotti and Villoresi.

Since the '70s the house of Chivasso has been proposed as the car to beat in the Rallyes, winning many Rally World Championships. The Fulvia HF, Stratos and Delta have legendary names in the history of motorsport worldwide.

As always, and as tradition, we look forward to many from Castell'Arquato to Vernasca to admire the great cars of this legendary Make, along with many other great racing cars for another edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag.

Information for entry or eligible cars (race Cars) please contact the Organizing Committee at

Welcome to the 18° Vernasca Silver Flag

The fiftes: the racing years

Italy emerged from a war that had devastated the country's social and economic structure. In the automotive field, as in all others, there was a strong desire to start again, notwithstanding the shortages of supplies and limited means.

This might explain why many of the cars known as "le piccole Sport" (a special kind of small sport cars) were built at this time. These small hand-built cars, with engine displacement between 700cc and 1000cc, are considered by many to be the symbol of Italian genius and passion for motorsport. From the end of the forties to the beginning of the sixties they formed the backbone of motor racing in Italy and beyond. For reasons of economy, car builders had to be very inventive and ended up using and adapting road car parts. Many of the parts came from Fiat 1100 and Topolinos. The combination of these adapted parts and the genius of the builders produced many thrilling performances.

The bodywork was hand made from aluminium, while the engine and chassis were either custom made or, as previously mentioned, obtained from modified road car parts.

These cars ran in all the races that were organized in Italy at the time, from the most unlikely street circuits to the legendary Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Le Mans, with great success.

In a short time, race results showed the soundness of these engineering wizards' ideas. The cars became not only a sporting, but also an economic phenomenon. Small firms developed that hand-made their products and were known the world over, creating working opportunities for hundreds of craftsmen.

Stanguellini, Taraschi, Bandini, Ermini are a few of the firms that came into existence as a result of their their founders' fierce passion for racing and mechanics. These men can be placed beside Enzo Ferrari, Vincenzo Lancia or the Maserati brothers as far as far as brilliance and skill are concerned. They were among the many who contributed to the legend of Italian motor racing.

The Vernasca Silver Flag has decided to honour these enthusiastic inventors by dedicating the 18th edition of the event to them. It will take place from 28-30 June 2013.

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