Vernasca Silver Flag
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10-11-12 JUNE 2022 - Vernasca (Piacenza) - Italy

24th Vernasca Silver Flag "Fiat goes racing"

The history of motor racing is, in some ways, like a building whose supporting pillars bear legendary names […] while the humble bricks, in their thousands […] bear for the most part names of drivers who are now forgotten […] who drove cars […] which were often, we could even say almost always, FIATs.”

These words by Gianni Cancellieri, have been our inspiration for this year’s Silver Flag, which celebrates the cars built by this celebrated manufacturer from Turin.

In some ways we are returning to our roots. The first ever Castell’Arquato-Vernasca (the road race predecessor to our vintage car rally) in 1953 was won by a FIAT driven by Giovanni Corazza. FIAT triumphed again the following year with Giovanni Auricchio in his 8V.

FIAT, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2019, the century started with the Mephistopheles, an imposing and daring symbol of the new industrial optimism. Then came Bordino’s victory in ‘22 at the first race in Monza, on his 840-403 ,FIATs were also the lifeblood of the Mille Miglia in its glory days. No other maker comes close to the number of victories in their class. However, FIAT cars were not only for racing. They were also a means of transport on the roads of a country which was still tied to the slow rhythms of agricultural life. The Topolino and Millecento, and after the war the Cinquecento, in its pre-Abarth guise, are the symbols of a legendary past and a rich source of inspiration for modern car designers.

This heritage is worthy of being remembered through the memories of those who experienced it first hand. We hope that our tribute to this great maker will kindle emotions and satisfy the interest of those who rightly consider FIAT a symbol of Italy and of our times, which can, with its heritage and present status, lead the car and each of us to the future.

Painting competition and presentation of the 24th Vernasca Silver Flag

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the Turinese brand, the Zagato century and the 70th anniversary of Abarth.


Roberto Giolito (responsabile FCA Heritage e designer della Fiat 500)
Paolo di Taranto (Comunicazione Zagato)
Roberto Valentini (Comunicazione Abarth)
Lorenzo Boscarelli (presidente Associazione italiana per la storia dell'Automobile AISA)


In Piazza dei Cavalli, in the heart of Piacenza, to inspire the fifty young artists in the race also a selection of racing cars, called to tell the theme of the next edition of Vernasca Silver Flag.

articolo Ruoteclassiche Quattroruote 


Application form - 23° Vernasca Silver Flag 2018

Let's go!!!

Dear friends, the registrations for the 23rd Vernasca Silver Flag are officially open!

HERE  you will find the registration form.

This year we will celebrate the French racing cars " Vitesse en Bleu ! " is the theme of the 2018 edition.

As always the priority for the acceptance of the entry will be given to the cars with a racing history in the competitions of the past...

To all the fans... Bonne chance!!

We accept registrations until the end of April

Vernasca Silver Flag 2017“Passion & Desire , the Dream of Historic Racing Cars” 

Passion – with a capital P, is an ugly beast ... How many times have we stood under the spell of a ‘fireball’ parked in a paddock, probably red, low, aggressive. Maybe with 4 tyres as big as ... this!!! With all the ‘right’ stickers in their place, reminding you of photos cut out of Autosprint and Motorsport which you knew by heart at the age of 12-13-14...

Perhaps you found yourself checking your pockets, checking your bank account to see if ... with a little bit of help, you could manage to take home a dream, maybe a small one, but a dream just the same. How many of us have been in this situation? Hands-up those who have ever had a little daydream like this - maybe even in the Vernasca Silver Flag paddock standing before a prestigious Birdcage or a little formula 850. Whatever! The ‘weight’ of the passion with which we dream is ALWAYS THE SAME, whether we are talking about millions or a few thousand Euro.

Well this year the theme of Vernasca Silver Flag 2017 is US! The fanatics, the dreamers who check their pockets and - FINALLY - we manage to realise our dream. We can’t wait to slide into that seat, the one we have fantasised about for so long, and press that button, the one that starts the engine of our Passion. CPAE therefore gives a big Welcome to all those who have made their dreams come true and who will bring ‘THE MOST BEAUTIFUL’ cars to Castell’Arquato and Welcome to all those who continue to dream of one day being at Castell’Arquato, Goodwood, Montecarlo or Nurburgring with those numbers in their hand, ready to stick them on the doors of their very own DREAM! Passion and Desire, the same ‘symptoms’ which brought together a small group of people who founded one of the first vintage car clubs in Italy: Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli d’Epoca. Fifty years later and we’re still here, more passionate than ever, more ‘infected’ than ever by these splendid mechanical creatures!

21 ° Vernasca Silver Flag,

It begins again! Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli Historical await the 17, 18 and 19 June 2016 for the 21st Vernasca Silver Flag, with your race car, with all your passion and our enthusiasm. The theme of the next edition will be "Alfa Romeo race car" The first event, for those wishing to participate, is the impromptu painting of Saturday, January 30 in Piacenza Piazza Cavalli from 11 to 15 where the students of the Art School Cassinari will go to create the logo that will accompany us throughout the year

Piacenza Historic Auto Club and the Vernasca Silver Flag Organizing Committee is pleased to remind you that the 20th edition of Vernasca Silver Flag will be run on June 19-20-21 next year. Save the date in your Agenda!!!!

Le Club des voitures Historiques de Piacenza et le Comité d’Organisation est heureux de vous rappeler que la vingtième édition de Vernasca Silver sera tenue les 19 -21 Juin  2015. Save the date dans votre Agenda !!

Il comitato organizzatore del Club Piacentino Auto d'Epoca ha il piacere di ricordarVi che l'appuntamento per la prossima Vernasca Silver Flag è dal 19 al 21 giugno 2015. Segnatevi la data!

We have pleasure in inform that the 19th  edition of Vernasca Silver Flag will be held on June 20-21-22 next year.

The Organizing Committee decided to dedicate the edition of a make famous for elegance, class and racing history of its cars: Lancia

Founded in Turin in 1906 by Mr. Vincenzo, Lancia is one of the oldest, famous and prestigious Italian cars manufacturers and has stood for high-tech creations and for the class of its cars.

The sporting history of the Lancia is glorious and starts immediately, form the earliest days of production of the cars, to reach a maximum in the 50’s with the legendary D25, D25 and D50 that participated in the World Championship Makes and F1 with great drivers such as Ascari, Fangio, Castellotti and Villoresi.

Since the ‘70s the house of Chivasso has been proposed as the car to beat in the Rallyes, winning many Rally World Championships. The Fulvia HF, Stratos and Delta have legendary names in the history of motorsport worldwide.

As always, and as tradition, we look forward to many from Castell’Arquato to Vernasca to admire the great cars of this legendary Make, along with many other great racing cars for another edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag.

Historic Motoring Awards

As happened last year, in 2012 the Vernasca Silver Flag really shoots. The prestigious London International Historic Motoring Awards committee decided that the major international event organized by the Club Piacentino Automotoveicoli d’Epoca, which in 2012 celebrated the Best of British, the top of sports cars born in Britain, will therefore be one of candidates to win the trophy in the category of "international motorsport event of the year."

The list of sports events worldwide selected by the jury (made up of the likes of Derek Bell, five-time Le Mans winner, Horst Bruning, president of FIVA and Nick Mason, a great collector and Pink Floyd drummer) is visible on the website ( dell'IHMA.

It is a true "parterre de roi", breathtaking: in addition to Vernasca Silver Flag also appear Silverstone Classic, Goodwood Revival, Grand Prix Historique de Monaco, Le Mans Classic, Phillip Island. In other words, the maximum of the events involving racing cars of all time. The eyes are now fixed on 29 November in London, at a gala dinner where the winners will be announced also the other categories. But for the CPAE be part of this small group is already a victory.